Staffordshire Training Hub (formerly CEPN)

Developing the primary care workforce in response to today’s health agenda

The Staffordshire Training Hub (formerly CEPN) project is an exciting opportunity for general practices and other primary care providers to get involved in delivering education and training as part of a supported network.

The project is one of the work streams of the Health Education West Midlands Primary and Community Care Programme which is working to ensure a continued workforce supply to meet the health needs of the local populations. Using a “grow your own” community owned solution for the training and employment of nurses, GPs and other health professionals together with innovative workforce solutions we will meet the challenges faced by primary care across the West Midlands.
Through this initiative we are aiming to build capacity for education delivery in primary care and increase the number of student learners in primary care and the community in the West Midlands. This has been shown to have a positive impact on people choosing a career in those settings as a first destination on graduation/qualification